Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Week two Medical tests!

Today I had a medical test. right after a speed endurance training I raced to the medical sports facility top speed. I had to fill in an application of 14 pages there where a lot of NO's iIhad to write it felt like I wrote a whole Lord of the rings book. after that I had to turn in a urine sample. pissing in a little cup is so.............. ok next subject lol. after that I had an Eye test my eyes where fine. Only i'm colorblind. I said oohww that makes everything clear i always see things black and white. No just kidding it isn't that bad. I had to watch a page in a book containing bubbles in different colors and then you should see a number in the bubbles. The dr. said ok which number do you see? I was like ehm 36 she laughed at me and said no it's 11. I wanted to put some black shades on and go sit behind a piano and sing stevie wonder songs. But yes i'm colorblind. and no my world is not black and white. after that they measured my bodyfat percentage that was good it was 7,8% thats good for me cause I had a month of rest. And I ate a lot of fat stuff and ofcourse Haribo gumbears(and gumbears are the best invention since women). after that they measured my weight and my size(body size :P) and yes i'm small. tell me something I dont know lol. after that I had a Lungfunctiontest and a they made a Heartfilm(guess what I got a heart and it's beating too aint't that a B**ch). and they took some blood. The results will come out in 2 or 3 weeks. after that I had to go to the national doctor of the athletics federation. and he did some more test. OOWW OWW before I forget it. My right leg is half a centimeter shorter than my left leg isn't that cool? The end result of the test is I'm healthy. My right leg is longer and my world is black and white. After that I had 3 hours of rest rest and watched a funny video with Anouk. Check it out hahaha that's a messed up song lol

and after that we had a weight training session. Look at the pictures (thanks Lorri!!!)

And i Had a Interview With www.losseveter.nl Coming Soon!


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