Sunday, October 11, 2009

adidas TECHFIT PowerWEB Give 100% Get More

Is that Ducktape on you tight? It's a common question here is the answer. I only use ducktape whenIi Kidnap someone ;) This is what I have on my tights and shirts.

The new TechFit Powerweb uses strategically designed thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) bands to provide wearers with greater power and explosiveness. Compression technology, which involves wrapping muscles in tight fitting fabric, has been proven to to help with proprioception and body awareness, which means better form and technique. It also provides reduced muscle vibration, improved muscle recovery and less wear and tear during workouts.The TPU bands are anchored at key points and are focused on key muscle groups such as the upper legs and shoulders. The bands work in unison with the muscles and function like springs. When an athlete moves, one set of muscles contracts while an opposite set extends; the bands mimic this, stretching on the extension side to store elastic energy. When the process is reversed and the extended muscles contract, the bands snap back to their shorter length, providing an athlete with more power.In controlled laboratory tests, conducted together with the University of Calgary, an average 5.3 percent improvement in power output and 1.1 percent faster sprint time was measured over 30 meters. Even more impressive, the testers registered a 1.3 percent reduction in oxygen consumption while wearing TechFit with Powerweb - a clear indication that the onset of fatigue is delayed and that performance is enhanced.

I believe that technology can give you a little bit extra.

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