Sunday, October 4, 2009

First week

i got my first trainingweek behind me. And woow this is something different. totally different of what i was used to. I guess that is good. the first trainingsessions where pretty easy but saturday session was like an Al Quida trainingcamp. never ran longer than 300m at a training well this time I had to run 300m and 500m thats half a kilometer . I was like damn this is some Kenenisa Bekele SH** It was that Rocky 1 2 3 4 5 stuff after the Running session we did some Circuit training. containing exercises of 30 seconds and 10 seconds of Rest. after that we went to play a game of Basketball but guess what? we where only allowed to pass not to run or dribble with the ball, so i could'nt do my Allen Iverson, Wilt chamberlain stuff. But maybe next time! :D

When I got Home I went to Sleep and slept from 4PM untill 8PM and then i ate something watched a movie and went to sleep untill 9am next morning!! I'll get used to it after a few months!

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