Sunday, October 4, 2009

New coach, new teammates, new goals

HI Girls,Guys and everything between :P(heey Track & Field everything happens these days)

Last week i started training with my new coach. For the last 5 years i was trained by Regillio van der Vloot. he trained me for 6 years and made me the athlete i am today. But the last 3 years I had no progression. After this season i decided to switch coach because i think it was time for something new. And start all over. I've chosen to training at the Olympic trainingcenter(Papendal) with Wigert thunnise as my coach. He is a very experienced coach. And I believe that I will improve my personal best the coming years. Thats my main goal. and if I improve my personals bests i can go to the European championships in Barcelona(spain).
I also got some new training mates :D i'll introduce some of them

Giovanni: Giovanni has been my closest rival since 2004 he's a very good 100m runner placed sixt at the last european under 23 championships he's a good guy and i can make fun of him without getting hit lol. he also has good taste of phones. altough he always gets them after me :P

Esther: I known here for many years. she's made a lot of improvement the last years. she has become one of the top female sprinters in Holland. She's one of the hardest working athletes I know and i can learn a lot from her.

Loreanne: Is my little sister also know as lolo. Lorri, and Allyson(because she walks like Allyson Felix and she also has the same body type. she looks sweet but don't let the looks fool you :P . And she's one of the most Talented female sprinters ever.

Gregor: Gregor is the quiet one and very very talented. if he stays injuryfree he will be one of the best runners. he's running for 3 years.

Annemiek: One of the funniest girls I know. If she stays healthy it's gotta be a name to remember. I sure remember it already

Anouk: if she get's everything right in a race it's over. and very funny(is er nog bier!!!?) and number 3 in europe at 4x100m

Bram: the fastest under 18 runner ever at 200meters and placed fourth at this years European youth olympic festival.

Yael: I'm still getting to know her. She has a very good pb at 100m. and was part of the 4x100m junior relay team that won a bronze medal at the european juniors championships. And she has a very nice accent.

kaira: I'm still getting to know her. she has a very good pb at 400 meters and is very smart(and knowledge is power :)

I'll post some pictures and video's of the training sometimes!


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